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La Maison di Michelessi

...a history of home since 1976

La Maison di Michelessi is a fascinating environment that arises from the search for objects that stand out for their uniqueness, beauty and originality. Passion, competence and professionalism allow us to accompany our customers in the right choice of furnishing accessories, lighting, but also accessories for the kitchen and for the table.

From curtains to tablecloths, to textiles for the bed and also for the bathroom … everything you need to make a house your home … but not only … the Maison di Michelessi is also the ideal place to find wonderful ideas for your gifts. .

La Maison di Michelessi has been in the furniture and accessories sector for years.

Passion, competence and professionalism have allowed us to accompany our customers in choosing furniture “made to measure” for them.From the furnishing accessory, to the lighting, everything you are looking for and that we offer you is the result of careful research, which makes each particular object unique and original and above all always in step with the latest trends. We will create for you your “magical” and stylish environment, whether it is your home or your business, we will be able to offer you anything in full line with your desires.Request a free inspection, and once you have established your requests and your budget, you will receive a quote and a 3D render so that you can see the final effect.

You can also choose the furnish & rent formula.

La Maison

The most impactful thing in a club andan activity and its entrance (entrance), and is therefore its business card .

Our commitment is to make it as attractively as possible using our experience and professionalism, creating a space that is themed with your personality, but accompanying you step by step in a winning choice.

Our team of experts will offer you the best furnishing solutions, offering you a wide choice of accessories that are always in step with the latest trends.

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